Does Being an Entrepreneur Elude You?

The Missing Component of Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are all the rage these days! Tons of materials exist on starting and managing a small business to become an entrepreneur. The problem is they all seem to lack the one thing that separates your business from being a burden to you or having it run by itself!

DE, Inc.’s defines being an entrepreneur as building a self-sustaining asset vs. creating a job for yourself. And, this means strategic thinking that doesn’t exist in many entrepreneur resources.

The formula is the same whether you already have a business or are thinking about starting one. You have to understand the stages of the growth cycle and how to navigate each to successfully arrive at entrepreneurship.

So we wrote the eBook The Missing Component to Successful Entrepreneurship: Understanding the Business Growth Cycle. In this eBook will learn:

    • What is an entrepreneur and how do they differ from inventors and small business owners?
    • What is keeping inventors and small business owners from entrepreneurship?
    • 12 competencies you must master in becoming an entrepreneur.
    • How to align your business focus so that you achieve entrepreneurship.

Here is how our resources have helped one entrepreneur:

“The business planning tools and strategy documents DE, Inc. provided us to use for our new business have accelerated our productivity and time to market by cutting out the “noise” and offering clear direction. I highly recommend using these proven solutions to any businesses. - Brantley Smith, CEO – Leads Direct, Inc.

So, if successful entrepreneurship eludes you just click the button and get heading in the right direction:

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